What does it really mean to thrive? Commonly it is about feeling good, and being in balance in your life - or getting back into balance.

Rules and guidelines

Find rules and guidelines for e.g. transfer, credits, illness and more.

Student counselling

You are welcome to contact your student counsellor for guidance.

Special educational assistance (SPS)

If you have a physical or mental disorder and a consequent disability, you may need special support to complete the education programme.

Study groups

As a student at VIA, you are probably familiar with study groups. All study programmes use study groups as part of their curriculum.

Student minister

Do you have something you need to talk about with a professional? Something you find hard sharing with your friends and family? Maybe a conversation with our student minister can help you.

SU counselling

The Danish State’s Education Grant (SU) is financial support for students in higher education. The support is paid as a grant and can be supplemented with student loans.

The Student Counselling Service (Studenterrådgivningen)

If you need help with stress, anxiety, worries or something else, you can get free social and psychological aid.