Student counselling

VIA’s student counsellors have a lot of knowledge about your study programme along with specialised counselling tools. Therefore, you are in the best hands if you seek guidance from VIA’s student counsellors.

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The role of the study counsellors

A study counsellor can help you with all your questions concerning your studies and support you through your education at VIA.

Your study counsellor can help you if you have questions about choosing electives or the profile of your education, if you are insecure about your choice of study programme, or if you are curious about your future career and continuing education.

If you experience challenges when participating in daily lessons or studying at home, the study counsellor can help you find a way to cope with your challenges. The study counsellor can help you get in contact with the right person if you need more support during your studies.

The study counsellor can also help you if you have personal challenges, e.g., if you are ill or have mental challenges such as feeling lonely.

If you have a diagnosis, such as dyslexia, ADHD or anxiety, your study counsellor can help you find the right support.

Any dialogue you have with your study counsellor is confidential and anything you share will stay between the two of you. All study programmes have study counsellors and you will thus always be able to find someone to guide you and answer your questions.